Nantong Botao Chemical Co., Ltd.

Address: No.2,Yuejiang Road,Rugao Port district,Yangtze River town,Rugao City, Jiangsu Province


Guo Linling:+86-513-87968180

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Shen Wei:+86-513-68005586

Zhou Hong:+86-513-87969660


Wang Juan:+86-513-87963557

After Sale

Cai Hongli:+86-513-87964236

Mr. Li :+86-513-87968179

Fax: +86-513-87961699

Enterprise spirit: quality is life, management is lifeline. 
Comprehensive policy: first-class quality, eternal commitment; to heighten the environmental awareness, to build beautiful homeland; to make the production safer, care for life health. 
Management philosophy: stick to principles, without respect of persons; market competition is essentially management competition; equal justice under the regulations; fair, open, justice; persistence and perseverance.
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